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Worldwide vehicle shipping company. From Europe to USA and Asia

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  Client Testimonials:

Greg delivered my BMW X5 last night. I can't imagine getting better service. I placed my order Monday night at 10 PM and the car was delivered Thursday at 8 PM. What more could I ask for ? THANKS AGAIN."

> Tom from London, United Kingdom

"Put me on the happy customer list! I just received my car last night and was extremely happy with your service and the professional attitude of people who shipped my car.

> Bart Duluth, Rotterdam, Netherlands


  • JOSKO TRANSPORT is an international forwarding Company active for several years.

  • Worldwide
    One focus of our work is the delivery of cars. The proposals developed by us technology, we are able to load 4 -6 cars in a 40 'HC container. This will save you money and increase your competitiveness.

  • All from one hand!
    We offer a full service from the place of the consignor (car dealer) to the receiving location. This includes not only the proper packaging of the vehicle in containers, but also the corresponding customs clearance and the creation of all documents.

  • Europe
    We operate throughout Europe and in other EU countries, ie. We carry shipments from 1 to 9 vehicles to and from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France, Luxembourg (BENELUX), Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia , Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Malta